Most policymakers, practitioners, and even most well-heeled funders strive to measure more than outputs — things like # people served, pamphlets distributed, policies enacted. At Mission Measurement, we help you translate outputs and activities into meaningful outcomes.

We make evaluation simpler and more accessible using something called data standardization. Rather than reinventing the wheel, or just ‘making up’ performance metrics, Mission Measurement uses evidence and benchmark data to help you measure credible outcomes.

Our approach isn’t just more efficient and affordable; using standardized outcomes enables you to compare programs, aggregate data and figure out what works.

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Define success

Can you answer the ‘so what’ question? What outcomes are you trying to move the needle on? What’s realistic to measure? How can you standardize outcomes across diverse grants and programs?

Mission Measurement helps your organization answer these questions and develop an organization-wide Impact Framework™. We use evidence, stakeholder engagement and benchmark data to help your organization define clear, measurable outcomes. Whether you’re a government agency focused on social services, a corporate foundation giving to hundreds of different causes or an endowed philanthropy looking to achieve deep systems change, our outcomes-based methodology will enable you to capture and aggregate your impact.

Measure success

Are you struggling to quantify squishy things? Are you tired of investing a fortune in outside evaluators or custom measurement systems? Are you struggling to aggregate disparate statistics and output data to tell your story?

At Mission Measurement, we draw on over 14 years of experience measuring hard-to-measure outcomes that others can’t or won’t. And as the pioneer of the world’s leading social science evidence base — The Impact Genome Project® — we can help you avoid recreating the wheel and measure using best-in-class evidence.

Build capacity

How can you invest in improving grantee data? What tools, measures and competencies that nonprofits need to measure better? How can you use evidence to improve program design?

Since 2005, we have helped thousands of nonprofits to measure and improve their own impact. Our team of experienced evaluators and consultants work with funders to empower grantees and partner agencies to self-evaluate. We provide the tools, the training and the evidence to practitioners so that they can become outcomes-driven and evidence-based.

Improve ROI

Are you really getting the best ‘bang for the buck?’ If your budget is at-risk every year, how can you demonstrate a compelling ROI? How can you benchmark and improve the ROI on existing policies or grant programs?

At Mission Measurement we help you unlock valuable insight without a formal, longitudinal study which can take years and cost millions of dollars. Using standardized data and self-reporting tools, we generate funder Portfolio Impact Reports on an annual or quarterly basis. These reports can be used to manage grantee or community investment portfolios, assess potential applicants for portfolio fit, predict ROI before you invest, and demonstrate impact to stakeholders.

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