Mission Measurement Trendletter — September 2014
September 11, 2014

Forbes on the Impact Genome Project®

“Mission Measurement is pioneering the movement for change with the Impact Genome Project. Other organizations such as Charity Navigator are making strides with their efforts to evaluate philanthropic programs; however, Mission Measurement’s methodology is unique in how they use predictive analytics to measure success.” “Using Big Data for Social Good,”Forbes.

Consumer Research Quantifies Growth Opportunities for Wall Street

Companies like Chipotle, Whole Foods and Tesla have capitalized on emerging consumer demand that financial analysts have largely overlooked. In today’s challenging market, better consumer data is increasingly valuable, and understanding what truly drives consumer decisions is essential to forecasting growth. Recent Mission Measurement research quantifies the nuances of consumer behavior in the quick–service restaurant category. “The Customer Knows Best,” John Hoeppner,Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking.

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Launching a Cause Marketing Campaign

Frequently, cause-marketing efforts are chosen with too little consideration given to how they align with consumer demand and business goals. To avoid that pitfall, and successfully implement a cause marketing campaign that drives business and social outcomes, you should consider 5 key questions. “There’s A Reason ‘Marketing’ is Part of Cause Marketing,” Sue Tobias and Leeatt Rothschild, Companies and Causes Canada.

New Research Identifies, Quantifies and Ranks Beverage Brands on Delivery of Social Benefits

Mission Measurement recently completed a study of the US market for carbonated soft drink, juice, tea, flavored water and water brands. The study reveals how brands perform in delivering social value to consumers and their potential for improvement. To learn more, please email mfisher@missionmeasurement.com.