Mission Measurement Announces $1 Million Investment in Social Impact Genome at White House Impact Investing Conference
June 25, 2014

Washington, DC, June 25, 2014 — Today, at a White House roundtable on impact investing, Mission Measurement announced a $1 million investment in the Impact Genome Project®. This was one of more than 20 new private sector commitments designed to drive $1.5 Billion+ into impact investments that intentionally generate financial return and measureable social or environmental impact.

The Impact Genome Project™ is a groundbreaking initiative designed to codify the factors that lead to success in every major social program category. The work is being led by Jason Saul, CEO of Mission Measurement and Nolan Gasser, former Stanford Professor and famed architect of Pandora’s Music Genome Project™ and it currently being piloted by leading foundations and governments.

The project leverages Mission Measurement’s existing database of more than 78,000 outcome data points and analyzes social impact programs from thousands of organizations to form its initial evidence base.

“The greatest benefit of measurement for policymakers, legislators, social investors, and philanthropists is before funding decisions are made, not after. Traditional financial investors use predictive data to make more informed decisions and to forecast expected risks and returns. Social investors deserve the same. If indeed we want to create a true market for social finance, social investors need data that allows them to compare investment opportunities, benchmark returns and determine “value.” That’s why we’re so proud to participate in this roundtable today at the White House and to announce our solution to this critical challenge.” said Jason Saul, CEO of Mission Measurement.

About Mission Measurement

Mission Measurement Corp is the world leader in measuring social outcomes. With offices in Chicago and Washington, DC, Mission Measurement helps companies, governments and nonprofits make better decisions and design better strategies. Our aim is to use our proprietary methodologies and data to help clients achieve twice the social impact for half the cost.