The Business of Social Change™

Mission Measurement specializes in measuring social outcomes.  With offices in Chicago and Washington, DC, we leverage our collective experience in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors to help organizations measure the effectiveness of social programs, make better decisions and design better strategies.  Our aim is to use our proprietary methodologies and data to help clients achieve twice the social impact for half the cost.  For example:

  • Our Social Value Proposition™ (SVP) methodology helps companies to develop social impact strategies and quantify the value of their social impact to consumers and other stakeholders
  • Our Universal Impact™ (UI) methodology helps governments and funders analyze their aggregate impact at a portfolio level
  • Our program evaluation helps nonprofits and funders measure the contribution of a specific program to “big outcomes” over time 

Mission Measurement is a business built by passionate, like-minded professionals who are committed to improving the world by changing the dialogue and using benchmark data to create a true “social capital market” - where social outcomes can be more efficiently bought and sold to maximize social impact.