The Business of Social Change™

Our mission is to measure and improve the return on social investments. We help governments, foundations, corporations and nonprofits to get more ‘bang-for-the-buck’ by using data to invest in more effective programs and achieve greater results. 

We’ve worked with thousands of organizations to measure impact and one thing is clear: programs don’t need more data; programs need better data.  While there are many firms that measure social impact, our key differentiator is that we create new data.  Using proprietary research methodologies like the Impact Genome Project™, the Outcomes Taxonomy™ and the Social Value Index™, we create powerful benchmarks and predictive models for social impact. This data is revolutionizing the field of social change and empowering social investors to make better, more informed decisions and ultimately, achieve better results. 

We work with clients in two ways:

  • We measure effectiveness of social programs and initiatives
  • We use data to design strategies that move the needle on social and business outcomes

Mission Measurement has offices in Chicago and Washington, DC,