Public Sector : Overview

Measure and predict the impact of public programs. 

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public funding. 

Program Evaluation: Demonstrate program value to constituents

Our customized program analysis can help you evaluate and communicate the social change your programs create. We’ll help track your progress toward achieving critical social outcomes with our in-depth review of organizational performance.  The results will enable you to demonstrate the value of your work to constituents.

Universal Impact™: Determine how to budget for maximum impact

Increase the “bang for your budget buck” with our approach to predicting the outcomes of social impact programs before you fund them. Using Universal Impact scorecards powered by the Impact Genome Project,™ we pinpoint the social programs that will most efficiently and effectively produce desired social change. You'll be able to compare the "return on investment" of funding one program versus other programs so you can budget for maximum social impact.