Philanthropy : Overview

Move from grants to purchasing outcomes.

Three ways we can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your investments in order to deliver more social impact and, in the case of corporate foundations, more business value.

Mission Measurement helped bring a laser-like focus to our ability to measure the impact of our work.

Quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of a grant program

Track progress toward achieving foundation goals with our in-depth review of grantee performance. Evaluate and articulate progress toward important foundation goals.  Answer critical management questions about value and performance in order to improve program operations. Learn more about Program Monitoring and Evaluation>>

Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire portfolio of grants

Transform your portfolio from a collection of grants into a powerful investment in lasting social impact.  Compare the “return on investment” of funding one grant versus another through a process that aligns seemingly incomparable grants to universal outcomes and then draws on grantee data and a robust evidence base to predict each grantee’s efficiency, effectiveness and cost per outcome. Learn more about Universal Impact™>>

Increase the business value of your corporate foundation

Whether you are trying to influence customers, consumers, employees, investors or other corporate stakeholders, capitalize on new opportunities bolster foundation impact by linking social benefits with business benefits. Learn more about Corporate Social Innovation>>