Philanthropy : Overview

Measure and predict the impact of grants. 

Improve the efficacy of what you fund to deliver more impact and greater ROI.

Program Evaluation: Quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of individual grants

Our customized program analysis can help you evaluate and communicate the social change your foundation is creating.  We’ll help you track your progress toward achieving your social impact with our in-depth review of grantee performance and answer critical management questions about value and performance in order to improve program operations.  

Universal Impact™: Assess the efficacy of your grant portfolio

We can help you transform your portfolio from a collection of grants into a powerful investment in social impact. You’ll be able to compare the “return on investment” of funding one grant versus another.  We can even predict the outcomes of social programs before you invest using our Universal Impact scorecards, powered by the Impact Genome Project™.  This is key to aligning your portfolio around your desired outcomes and maximizing your investment ROI.  

Impact Genome Project™: Join us in transforming social sector evaluation

The Impact Genome Project™ (IGP) codifies and quantifies the factors that drive social outcomes and enables funders, researchers and programmers to consistently measure program performance in a particular field.  This innovation will be a game-changer for the social sector.  We’re building out the Impact Genome section by section – from Health to Education to the Arts.  But we can’t do it alone.  Many leading organizations are now choosing to fund specific genomes so that they and all of us can benefit from bringing standardized outcomes and predictive data to the social sector.  If you’re interested in learning more about funding the creation of a genome, participating in one of our existing genome consortiums or using our genome research to help measure the efficiency of your current programs, contact us.