Nonprofit : Overview

Sell your impact to funders. 

Maximize your social impact and demonstrate how your work contributes to the social changes that funders value most. 

Outcomes Framework: Standardize outcomes to focus and measure social impact

The Outcomes Framework is a three step process that helps you better measure your social impact.  In Step 1, we help you define the most valuable social outcomes based on your organizational needs and objectives.  In Step 2, we draw on our database of evidence to help you identify the indicators that best demonstrate progress on each social outcome.  Finally in Step 3, we review your existing strategies to determine their alignment with the desired outcomes and provide recommendations for increasing your social impact. 

Sell Your Impact™: Position your organization for more successful fundraising and partnerships

Break away from the frustrations of traditional fundraising and demonstrate your nonprofit’s economic power with a Selling Your Impact engagement. Our approach begins by aligning your organization’s highest value outcomes with the needs of current and potential funders.  We help your organization develop compelling value propositions and build capacity around new strategies to secure funding. 

Universal Impact™: Predict and communicate your social impact

Understand your program’s strengths and its opportunities for improvement through this very time and cost effective approach to evaluation.  Communicate your successes in a way that compels funders to invest in your programs.  Powered by the Impact Genome Project,™ our Universal Impact scorecards can predict your program’s efficiency, effectiveness and cost per outcome and enable comparison between different programs aiming at the same outcome. 

Program Evaluation: Develop more effective program strategies

Increase your impact through measurement insights that result in organizational improvements. Our monitoring and evaluation reports provide rigorous yet practical information to guide program performance.  Then, our change management expertise helps organizations implement effective changes.