Corporate : Overview

Maximize the ROI of CSR and sustainability.

Deliver more social impact and better business results.

Social Value Proposition™:  Leverage social outcomes to achieve better business outcomes

Whether you’re seeking to influence consumers, customers, employees or investors, we can help you achieve your desired business outcomes by delivering the social impact your stakeholders value most.  This customized approach uses audience-specific, research-based insights to help you develop and deliver more effective social strategies – strategies that by design deliver social outcomes and business outcomes.

Social Value Index™:  Use social benefits to drive consumer demand

If you want to know how your brand’s social impact affects your consumers, your competitive position and your revenue, this is the data you need.  Our Social Value Index™  and Social Value Scorecard™ identify, articulate and quantify the three core insights you need.  Specifically:

  1. what social value drivers influence consumer demand - so you know if your brand’s social impact efforts are relevant to your consumers;
  2. the ratings and rankings of key competitors - so you can see how successfully your brand is using social impact to influence consumer purchase and
  3. the estimated revenue increase, in dollars, for each percentage point your brand achieves in improving its Social Value Score™ - so you know what ROI to expect from your investments. 

Outcomes Framework: Align your social investments with your most important social and business outcomes

If you are reviewing or reconsidering your social investment strategy, this is a great first step. 

The Outcomes Framework is a three step process that helps you define and align your social investments with your desired social and business outcomes.  In Step 1, we help you determine the most valuable social outcomes based on your business needs and objectives.  In Step 2, we draw on our database of evidence to help you identify the indicators that best demonstrate progress on each social outcome.  Finally in Step 3 we review your existing social investments/programs to determine their alignment with the desired outcomes and recommend strategies for increasing your portfolio alignment and overall social impact. 

Universal Impact™: Increase the ROI of your corporate foundation

We can help you better understand the efficiency, effectiveness and cost per outcome of the programs you fund.  Powered by the Impact Genome Project™, our Universal Impact scorecards can evaluate individual programs or compare a range of programs, overcoming the “apples to oranges” challenge often encountered when evaluating a range of different programs.  They can also bring the power of big data to social impact in order to predict each program’s efficacy – before it even starts.  This information is critical to helping you make the best, fact-based decisions regarding where to invest more or less in the future.