Corporate : Overview

Drive profit and solve social problems.

Four ways we can help you combine social impact with business results.

Quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of the core social programs you already support

Track the progress of corporate social programs toward achieving universal outcomes. Develop new strategies using our approach that leverages core business assets for maximum social impact. Learn more about Program Monitoring and Evaluation>>

Grow your business and build your brands

Whether you are trying to influence consumers, customers, employees, investors or other corporate stakeholders, capitalize on new opportunities to grow your business and build your brand by delivering social benefits.  Our approach develops effective social strategies using a research process that identifies Social Value Drivers, factors that increase the worth of a product or service to specific stakeholders. Learn more about Corporate Social Innovation>>

Understand how your social benefits rank vis-a-vis competition and the value of gains in standing

Analyze competitors’ social strategies with access to data in our Social Value Index™, which ranks the performance of companies within an industry and quantifies the potential revenue opportunities available through gains in standing on the index.  

Increase the business value and social impact of your corporate foundation

Access the insights necessary for maximizing the value of social investments using our proprietary Universal Impact™ portfolio analysis tool.  This unique evaluation methodology enables funders to understand the efficiency, effectiveness and cost per outcome of the programs they fund across a diverse portfolio of programs – critical information for deciding what to keep funding, what to fund more of and what to stop funding. Learn more about Universal Impact>>