: Case Study

Improving customer loyalty, entering new markets and feeding the hungry. That

When global retail giant Walmart needed to better align its corporate social responsibility strategy with its core business strategy, the company turned to Mission Measurement. Walmart needed a strategy that would meet a pressing social need while meeting two core business goals: strengthen customer loyalty and increase employee retention.

Our proprietary qualitative and quantitative research laid the groundwork for a social innovation strategy that would engage key members of the public, employees and community organizations around a single social cause. The key to that effort was finding the right Social Value Proposition™ that would resonate with critical consumer segments and employees.

We started with research among two key consumer segments—price conscious moms and community protectors—to identify the social outcomes that affect their behaviors and perceptions. Then we measured and analyzed the same factors among the retailer’s employees.

In turn, Walmart assessed its unique assets and capabilities in order to determine how it could make the greatest social impact. Those insights further focused our strategy on providing logistics and distribution support.

Walmart created a $2 billion campaign built around a powerful Social Value Proposition™: creating hunger-free zones in the communities where it operated.

Walmart tangibly increased brand loyalty among employees and consumers, positioning itself as the leader in hunger relief.

The campaign, known publically as “Fighting Hunger Together,” also supported Walmart’s entry into several new and desirable urban markets, as it positioned the retailer as a viable solution to food deserts

From a social impact perspective, the campaign leveraged Walmart’s unique business capabilities: It ensured truck delivery to a wide range of food banks; facilitated audits of major food banks to maximize efficiencies; drove organizational sponsorships to establish food banks; and increased volunteerism at national hunger relief organizations.