Public Sector : Case Study

Measure and predict the impact of public programs. 

Measuring the outcomes and value of public-private partnerships. Then drawing in new partners.

USAID’s public-private partnership office needed to understand which partnership approaches were most impactful and how to increase the number and quality of alliances it pursued. The agency also needed a way to communicate the value of public-private partnerships to potential business investors and partners, and agency staff.

Our team engaged key stakeholders, including representatives from the within USAID, the private sector and implementers of the agency’s programs, in order to identify what they valued in a public-private partnership. Additional research helped determine the types of outcomes that these partnerships could realistically produce. We then worked alongside the agency’s team to derive a set of common outcomes that would capture the unique and incremental value generated through public-private partnerships. Next we created corresponding indicators to track the degree to which working in partnership helped to advance high-value development outcomes such as job creation and market development. We also created a new system for categorizing public-private partnerships based on the role and value of the corporate partner.

USAID and our team integrated the outcomes and metrics into a training module for agency staff to use to better identify high value public-private partnerships and more clearly articulate the value created by these partnerships.

Mission Measurement and USAID co-created a major piece of thought capital, outlining high-value models for public-private partnerships and the metrics to capture their impact.