Nonprofit : Case Study

Sell your impact to funders. 

Can a do-gooder nonprofit sell its impact to a top technology corporation? The proof is in the multi-million-dollar pudding.

Free the Children—the world’s largest network of children helping children through education—struggled to communicate its impact in way that would influence potential funders. The organization was particularly focused on making a stronger case to a major technology corporation that was already a donor, but needed a stronger value proposition before it could justify investing more.

We started by focusing Free the Children more explicitly on the needs of the company—we used research to identify what were likely its most pressing needs: retention of its employees; strengthening of its brand in light of new competitors; and access to youth markets. Then we helped Free the Children structure a more compelling value proposition that focused on the investor’s needs: Opportunities for employees and their children to volunteer, boosting of brand trust by associating with a reputable nonprofit organization, and access to the youth markets that the company was struggling to engage.

Free the Children pitched the revised value proposition and it was a hit, leading to a multi-million-dollar commitment from the tech company.

That partnership supports nation-wide school-based programs and events that encourage young people to take interest in and action around social issues.