Nonprofit : Case Study

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Education Pioneers is the leading nonprofit focused on attracting leadership and management talent for education positions outside the classroom. When the organization applied for funding for its Data Leadership Track initiative through the Gates Foundation, they needed an evaluation partner that could help build routinized performance evaluation into the entire program. Education Pioneers needed to be able to answer critical questions: What outcomes do we want, how do we measure progress against those outcomes and how do we learn from past lessons as we grow?

We began our work with Education Pioneers by building a logic model for the entire Data Leadership Track, a program that places professionals and graduate students into fellowships in school districts, charter management organizations or state education agencies. We then built a Competency Model to guide what knowledge, skills and abilities the team wanted fellows to develop over the course of the programs.

Finally we built out a set of custom data collection tools and implemented them among the fellows, partner agencies, supervisors and alumni several times throughout the year. As we implemented the data collection, we focused on building the capacity of the Education Pioneers’ team to measure and analyze the data in order to tell a more clear, concise and compelling story. The Mission Measurement team continues to function as a coach for Education Pioneers.

As a result of data collection over the program’s first year, Education Pioneers was able to take insights from its various implementation sites to ensure that best practices and key learnings can be quickly shared nationally.

Education Pioneers staff who manage measurement and data have all received technical guidance and coaching in order to more succinctly summarize data to tell a story and manage the overall data collection process.

Education Pioneers has a routine data collection and reporting process now that can be implemented consistently over time for both internal and funder reporting purposes.

Education Pioneers had gained the experience and competency to take over evaluation of the Data Leadership Track with ongoing coaching from Mission Measurement.

Education Pioneers staff have been able to  apply the approach implemented for the Data Leadership Track to other programs.