: Case Study

A Social Innovation strategy that builds brand trust. Where social and business value converge.

In order to strengthen their position as the leading independent pharmaceutical company in the United States, Medicis wanted to build trust in its brand and elevate the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery. The company needed a Social Innovation strategy that—within the bounds of industry regulation—would build trust and achieve lasting impact in the world.

Mission Measurement designed and executed qualitative research that included over 60 dermatologists, plastic surgeons, physician assistants and medical residents to determine relevant social issues and drivers of brand equity. Additional quantitative attitudinal and concept testing with more than 200 medical professionals highlighted specific requirements to ensure program effectiveness. We further tested these ideas with employees to gauge their interest and likelihood of participation. Throughout the process we reviewed our research findings with the Medicis team and built a five-year program strategy.

Our work led to the development of the Community Impact Programs department, a $5 million business unit charged with supporting key business objectives through social strategies.

We also spurred the launch one of the first Pharmaceutical-led programs connecting specialty healthcare providers to the people who most need their services, called “Passion to Heal.”

Passion to Heal connects dermatologists and plastic surgeons to skills-based volunteer opportunities in in the United States and in developing countries, in order to help those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to preventative screening, therapeutic treatment, and critical surgery.

“Passion to Heal” has supported Medicis’ corporate brand and helped to elevate the perception of healthcare providers in dermatology and plastic surgery.