About Us

Mission Measurement (MM) is revolutionizing the world by helping organizations to measure and improve social outcomes. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, governments, NGOs, and foundations. Among our innovations, we invented the Impact Genome Project® (IGP) to create a new generation of tools to design, benchmark and predict outcomes that solve social problems.

The IGP is a pioneering social impact measurement tool and research initiative designed to discover what works and why in the social impact space. By creating a standard terminology and outcomes, we systematically compare programs and identify the most effective program components. We share these data and insights with policymakers, nonprofits, foundations and corporate social responsibility leaders to produce better outcomes for society.

Our Guiding Light:

  • Third Way: we are creative, we do not believe in trade-offs
  • Outcomes-driven: we believe that outcomes drive strategy, not the other way around
  • Ambidextrous: we combine art & science to solve problems and measure things that are outside the realm of today’s parameters

Mission Measurement is growing quickly, making it a dynamic, ever-changing work environment. We are seeking:

  • A Self-starter, take initiative with little direction
  • A Problem-solver, find the “third way”
  • A Do’er, “own the outcome”
  • A Creator, build IP and contribute new ideas
  • A Leader, speak your mind, be persuasive and engender confidence

Apply only if you’re both collaborative and entrepreneurial in the extreme and want to shape the future of social impact measurement and improve outcomes.

Our culture is conducive to impactful personal and professional development opportunities that allow our employees to grow. We encourage everyone to push the boundaries of our capabilities, initiatives and thought capital to help them meet and exceed their personal and professional goals.

The Position

MM is seeking an exceptional Social Impact Associate (SIA) to join our Impact Genome Project team in either our Chicago, IL office. This is a unique position for those interested in working hands-on to help the social sector achieve better outcomes. The SIA will become immersed in three streams of data: research/evaluations into effective social programs, performance data from on-the-ground nonprofit programs, and aggregated impact data from funder grant portfolios. They will synthesize these data into practical evidence reviews, advise nonprofits directly in measurement and program design, and help funders make decisions based on impact data (not overhead). The data and insight that SIAs curate will also flow into our online platform, the Impact Genome Terminal, for use by nonprofits and funders to influence decision-making at scale. While the SIA will not be conducting formal program evaluations, they will be verifying self-reported nonprofit impact data and thus a knowledge of measurement design and program evaluation is required. Success for this role is identifying and spreading effective program practices and infusing new data into social program investment decisions.

  • Working directly with nonprofits to validate, analyze, and critically interpret their self-reported impact data (a process we call becoming Impact Verified); build their capacity to define program outcomes and activities using IGP standards, and to measure their impact
  • Preparing and delivering impact data (nonprofit impact scorecards, funder portfolio reports, and research summaries) to nonprofits and funders, while innovating improvements to how we deliver impact data to increase usefulness for our users
  • Providing critical, objective insight and analysis to nonprofits and funders so they value our thought capital in addition to our data, and to help them maximize how they use IGP data to achieve their mission and increase impact
  • Writing reports that analyze the sector through our unique data, including benchmark reports, spotlights of high-performing nonprofits, and analysis of evidence-based program design features
  • Performing evidence reviews of program evaluations to identify and extract key details about the interventions studied and their effectiveness
  • Reflecting our firm’s core values: Passionate, Enterprising, Intellectually Curious, Rigorous, Authentic, Trusted, Fun-loving, Consummately Professional
  • Advanced degree in public policy, social science, public health, or related field
  • 2-3 years of professional evaluation/analysis/policy experience in the social sector
  • Critical-thinking, problem-solving, writing, and organization skills; attention to detail
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize raw data quickly and accurately
  • Ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to take initiative and see tasks through to the finish effectively and efficiently
  • Familiarity with evaluation literature in social science sector is preferred
  • Ability to rapidly distill research and data into practical, actionable insight for decision-makers
  • Ability to create digestible summary reports for clients or for syndication
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, passion for innovation, and a commitment to driving change
  • Be excited, willing, and able to work across multiple disciplines (i.e., education, public health, human services, culture and identity, etc.)

Chicago, IL

Salary and Benefits

Salary commensurate with experience; benefits include a collaborative work environment, healthcare, flexible vacation policy, and 401K plan.

To Apply

Please send expressions of interest and resumes to apply@missionmeasurement.com, with Social Impact Associate Application in the subject line.

Learn more about Mission Measurement at http://missionmeasurement.com

Learn more about the Impact Genome Project® at https://www.impactgenome.org

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