Creating a new generation of data to solve social problems.

The End of Fundraising

Why does it cost nonprofits $20 to raise $100, when it only costs companies $4? The answer is that we may be raising money from the wrong people. The End of Fundraising explores how nonprofits can Sell Your Impact™ to a new set of stakeholders.

Social Innovation Inc.

Could Walmart offer a better solution to healthcare than Medicaid? Could GE help reduce global warming faster than the Kyoto protocol? Social Innovation, Inc. declares a new era where companies profit from solving social problems.

Benchmarking for Nonprofits

Benchmarking- the ongoing process of measuring your organization against leaders- can help stimulate innovation, increase your impact, decrease your costs, raise money, inspire your staff, impress your funders, engage your board, and sharpen your mission.

Introducing the Social Value Scorecard™ and the Social Value Index™

Introducing the Social Value Scorecard™ and Social Value Index™

Measuring Creativity: Adobe Youth Voices Case Study

This white paper explores the importance and challenges of measuring creativity in the social sector. 

Using Universal Outcomes to Measure Impact

In a speech to the Grant's Managers Network, Jason Saul presented why universal outcomes are the foundation for better measurement.

Why Companies Should Stop Doing Good

This article will set the context and provide an answer for a fundamentally different inquiry about CSR: how do we measure the value of CSR? 

Measuring the Impact of Volunteerism

In this white paper, Mission Measurement explores approaches to measuring the impact and value of volunteers.

Pepsi Refresh Impact Report

Created in partnership with GOOD, this infographic demonstrates the impact of the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Cisco Pioneers Market Development Approach

How do you build an IT sector in Palestine? This white paper evaluates Cisco’s impact in jump-starting a fledgling sector and creating a model for the Market Development Approach.

Social Change: The New Frontier

In this Direct Marketing op-ed, Jason Saul makes the case for corporate Chief Marketing Officers to take on Social Innovation as a part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Q&A with Pranav Kothari

Pranav Kothari sits down with Consulting Magazine to explain how Mission Measurement’s approach to measurement and value creation is unique in the social impact space.

Measure with Meaning
In this Q&A with Insight Labs, Jason Saul explains why nonprofits must measure outcomes, not activities, if they want to survive
The Broken

Cheryl Davenport explores two critical flaws in the buy-one, give-one model made popular by TOMS Shoes, which may threaten to undo the social impact and business success of those who use it.

Connecting the Dots for Donors

Higher education fundraising is in crisis. In this CURRENTS Magazine feature, Jason Saul outlines how colleges and universities can Sell Your Impact™ to the stakeholders who value it.

(Re) Valuing Public-Private Alliances

This guide from Mission Measurement and USAID outlines high-value models for public-private partnerships and metrics to capture their impact.