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About 10 years after Free The Children’s (FTC) launch in 1995, co-founders Marc and Craig Kielburger, struggled to find a sustainable funding source for their international development and youth empowerment nonprofit organization.  The creation of Me to We, a social enterprise, became the organization’s answer to securing sustainable funding.

It is certainly great news that Americans continue to be among the most generous philanthropists in the world and that our rate of giving, post Great Recession, continues to grow.  But, even as we spend more, important questions remain--What do we really know about the impact of our contributions?  And to what expectations should we hold our charities? As funders, we must demand better answers about the impact our contributions generate which, in turn, will help to set higher expectations for the sector. 

The recent New York Times article “At Chipotle, How Many Calories Do People Really Eat?”  (which reveals what we really eat when we dine at Chipotle) struck a chord with many readers- most lauded Chipotle’s tasty menu, some were surprised by the number of calories in favorite dishes, while others blamed consumers for making poor food choices.  The volume of responses highlighted an important point--consumers are passionate about Chipotle, and for that reason Chipotle’s lines are out the door, literally.

Mission Measurement announces Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action: Codifying the Key Success Factors to Improve Food Security

Many consider randomized control trials, or RCTs, to be the “gold standard” for evidence.  Randomization provides a high degree of proof for a very narrow set of facts: a particular program, under a particular set of conditions, for a particular population of people, at a particular time, made a difference.  But while the specificity of RCTs can make them very credible, their precision also creates a number of critical limitations.  There might be another way.  

Mission Measurement Trendletter - November 2014

My Mission Measurement colleague, Sue Tobias, and I were struck by a recent BCG report entitled "An Imperative for Consumer Companies to Go Green." This report highlights the increasing consumer preference for "organic, natural, ecological, fair trade" and other socially responsible products. 

Much has been made about consumers shifting away from traditional carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) in North America.  

Mission Measurement Trendletter - October 2014

As a CMO myself, I'm experiencing firsthand the profound changes in the marketplace and in how we provide value for clients, consumers or customers. Amidst these changes, one of the developments my colleague, Leeatt Rothschild, and I are most excited about is the growing importance of social value drivers for consumers.

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