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In 2010, Pepsi embarked upon on a revolutionary type of marketing strategy: one that pledged $20 million to the best ideas for creating social change as decided upon by its consumers through online voting. This socially-oriented strategy, known as the Pepsi Refresh Project, replaced many forms of traditional marketing.  Most notably, Pepsi forewent Super Bowl advertising in order to support the Refresh Project.   To leverage grantmaking as marketing, however, Pepsi needed a clear way to measure and communicate the impact of its philanthropy on individuals, communities and the country. 

One of my favorite quotes from the Stanford Social Innovation Review’s Nonprofit Management Institute came from Andy Smith, co-author of The Dragonfly Effect.  In the book, he espouses the virtues of social media in the social sector.  Yet at the conference, he said:  “Everyone should stop doing social media...until they know what they want to do with it.”

Great NYT article on Vinod Khosla and his plans to start a venture capital fund to invest in companies that solve poverty in India, Africa and elsewhere by providing services like health, energy and education. 

As of today, Social Innovation, Inc. is shipping from Amazon! And we’ve been fortunate to have our first review from Lindsay Clinton at Beyond Profit. You can read it here.  I like that Lindsay points out the conflict in pointing out social innovation strategies of companies like Coca Cola or Walmart which others may perceive as socially harmful in other aspects of their business.  Here’s where I come out on this (as I state in the book’s conclusion): 

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) – or public-private alliances (PPAs) - are receiving increasing amounts of attention. There is broad acknowledgement across the public and private sectors that sustainable solutions to serious development issues require collaboration.  Additionally, the current economic conditions create an intensified desire to mitigate risk and to share resources and expertise.  Under President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton, the U.S.

As a mission-driven organization itself, Mission Measurement strives to measure and increase its own social impact.  The scope of this impact can be seen in the investments made by the organizations with whom we work – from school networks to Fortune 100 corporations to social service nonprofits. Through our work, we help organizations examine and realign their budgets to maximize their impact, both internally and through grantmaking and other investments.

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